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About Us

Spirit Luxe is The Leader of Spiritual Luxury. A metaphysical shop unlike any other that focuses on high-end crystal healing jewelry using only the highest quality gemstones with unrivaled clarity (VVS+) and design for fashionable Pagans & Spiritualists.

We've taken the monotony out of the traditional spiritual shop with our home decor products that you won't find at any other metaphysical store on Earth. No more gargoyles and ugly, heavy archaic statues that represent a time that has long passed -- only fun, vibrant decor that speaks to your character, beliefs and celebration of the lifestyle you live.

The time for a new age in spiritual lifestyle is NOW because spirituality evolves just as life itself does. We denounce the idea that luxury living is "narcissistic" or "egocentric" and believe "Spiritual Materialism" is simply a limiting belief system that affects more than just your thinking -- it affects every aspect of your life from manifesting desires to abundance.

As spiritual practitioners we deserve divine quality in everything life has to offer us without a single feeling of guilt or questioning: "Am I still on the right path?". You are and you know it because you're reading these words!

Jealousy rears it's ugly head often in the Spiritual/Pagan/Wiccan population when others appear to be better off or living well, followed by scolding and outlandish claims of "not understanding the path" when community & support is meant to be the pillar of all paths. Why judge when you can support?

All the above is due to the idea of spiritual materialism... Let's just throw it out there: It's brainwashing! Forced minimalism and suppression of desires when you know you deserve better.

Ancient history shows us that adornment with the highest quality jewelry, fabrics and products led to higher states of being and living, so why is it such a problem today? We believe it has to do with so many "gurus" trying to tell you how to live and reach enlightenment when many don't even practice what they preach behind the scenes.

Isn't it time to live in alignment that's true to YOUR standards?

"Welcome to our Spirit Fam, I hope you namaste and never leave!" -Evren Orion, Owner.

We Love You, Spirit Fam! Here's What Our Customers Think:

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